I've scanned about 100 documents, so I have a folder with 100 jpg images, but they are rotated by the angle up to 15 degrees. Is there any free simple to use software I can use to rotate them to the normal orientation? It would be good if it works on Windows XP or Windows 7.


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Imagemagick has a -deskew option which may be helpful and the app works very well from the command line on batches of files.

There's some handy Imagemagick scripts here - have a look at unrotate.

  • Thank you. It decreases the angle of rotation of the image from 5-15 degrees (in my original images) to under 2 degrees (but doesn't eliminate it completely).
    – fiktor
    Oct 28, 2010 at 10:16

The definitive tool is ScanTailor. It works like magic for fixing scanned pages and it has a Qt-based GUI frontend.

It allows for batch processing, manual verification and fix of every intermediate step (separation between pages, deskewing, content area identification, noise reduction and optimization) and it's available on every platform (Mac -- via MacPorts or Homebrew, Linux, Windows).

It takes as inputs JPG or TIFF files.

  • Its CLI is unmaintained since 2011.
    – HappyFace
    Oct 16, 2020 at 13:28

Maybe you want to see unpaper too.


Pretty much any image manipulation package will allow you to rotate images. Paint.NET for example.

Actual deskewing where the image is distorted rather than just rotated is harder and is available in fewer packages.

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