How to find infrequently visited confluence pages?


I would say the best thing to do is set up Google Analytics on your Confluence installation (you can do this even if your installation is internal/intranet).

Simply register a new GA site profile, copy the GA script and paste it into the "At the end of Body" section of the Custom HTML Confluence admin backend function (you'll have to be a Confluence admin of course)

A more detailed explanation can be found here by David Simpson.

NOTE: Because our company's Confluence installation is internal, the domain name of a rendered Confluence page didn't match the site profile's, so I had to use this trick to get the GA script to track correctly.

If you are behind a corporate firewall and haven't configured Confluence to deal with issues relating to this, this page might be useful.

David's plugin will allow you to pull data from GA via the API and display it on pages in your own Confluence space (firewall issues notwithstanding) if you want.

After a period of time you should be able to use the data to find the quiet pages!


Install the Archiving Plugin for Confluence.

The plugin tracks the last view date of each page, and allows you to configure an automatic report to find the pages not viewed by anyone in the last N days. You can configure the feature and the value of N at space level.

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