I just downloaded Netbeans for Ubuntu. Now I only have Java, how can I add PHP to it?

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Go to Tools->Plugins

On the Installed tab check PHP and click on Activate. Restart NetBeans.

Note: I assume you have downloaded the appropriate package containing PHP tools.

On 7.0.1 go to Tools->Plugins

click the Settings tab and Activate the Update Centers.

Now click the Available Plugins tab and you should see PHP

Install and Reboot Netbeans.

On 8.1, same as above for 7.0.1 but some more precision : on the Settings tab you need to tick the NetBeans Distribution checkbox to see PHP in the Available Plugins list.


Activate the Update Centers. = click update tab > click Update button. now the Available Plugins will refresh then click on Available Plugins tab scroll down you will see php check it and click Install button

  • +1 If on "Available plugins" is empty than you should to check all inside "Update Centers" then click on "Active plugins" tab to see updated available plugins. Oct 25, 2015 at 18:37

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