I would like to replace GVim with Vim in the terminal. One of the nice things about GVim is that it is able to display text using italics.

Vim allows setting an ANSI escape code for italics (\e[3m), but this does not work in Gnome Terminal. Is there a terminal emulator that supports the ANSI escape code for italics?

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I've tested a number of terminal emulators with echo -e "\e[3mfoo\e[23m" as suggested here. I went through the Arch wiki list, testing emulators in the official repositories.

Support italics

  • konsole 15.04.3
  • rxvt-unicode 9.21
  • tilda 1.2.4
  • xterm 318
  • gnome-terminal 3.16.2
  • pantheon-terminal
  • yakuake 2.9.9
  • roxterm 3.1.3
  • sakura 3.3.0
  • termite 10
  • mlterm 3.3.8
  • terminix 1.0.0
  • terminator 1.91
  • xfce4-terminal

Do not support italics

  • guake 0.7.2
  • lxterminal 0.2.0
  • rxvt 2.7.10
  • terminology 0.8.0
  • lilyterm
  • mate-terminal 1.10.1
  • xfce4-terminal 0.6.3
  • KiTTY
  • PuTTY 0.65 Beta
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    Note that many terminal emulators are based on the VTE terminal emulator library. vte2 (for gtk 2) is obsolete now, only those emulators based on the current vte3 implementation (e.g. gnome-terminal). For guake, gtk3 bindings and hence italics support, are targeted for milestone 0.8.4 – kba Feb 15 '16 at 13:54
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    @kba Yes, good point. My terminal of choice, terminator, is supporting italics in the development version, which is based on vte3. – Sparhawk Feb 15 '16 at 21:38

GNOME Terminal (3.6.1) supports italics via \e[3m.


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