I'm a Java newbie and I just found out that I had two installations of JRE on my system, one through the JDK and a separate JRE installation. I decided to uninstall the latter since it was redundant and after it was uninstalled I added the "...\jdk\jre\" path in the PATH environment variable. In spite of that, a Java application I've been using prompted a message that it requires JRE etc. So I changed its shortcut's target from "C:\foo\bar.exe" to "cmd /k java -jar C:\foo\bar.exe" and it runs fine with the exception that now the windows that are opened every time I run the above application are two. One for cmd and a separate one for the application (through the JRE). How can I avoid that? The only option available in the shortcut's properties is for it to be ran minimized.

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