Is there any way I can fully encrypt a windows partition so that encryption is in real time and transparent, and when I boot into my Linux partition be able to decrypt it and access the file son there?

I know that I could use an encrypted file container instead, but that is not ideal for me.

I also understand it may be possible to encrypt the entire drive, without regard to specific partitions?


My situation:

  • Installed win7 64-bit
  • Installed TrueCrypt 7.0
  • In preferences activated hardware accelerated AES (it makes the use of TrueCrypt use neglible CPU cycles)
  • Instructed TrueCrypt to encrypt my entire system drive
  • On boot you now get a bootloader asking for the password and initially a background scan that encrypts everything. Thereafter it's just transparent doing it in the background

Now, a few months after running this config your question made me curious, as I might like to do it as well, I did the following:

  • Booted Ubunto 64-bit from a live cd
  • Installed TrueCrypt
  • Mounted my HD, but choosing sda2 from the device dialog, and checking the checkbox for "Mount partition using system encryption (pre-boot authentication)"
  • Browsed it from the Ubuntu explorer

So I can confirm you can do what you want to do by following the steps above. Also, as an FYI, I'm very happy with the above config


From what I understand about TrueCrypt, the answer is no. You would have to use a file container.

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