How do I remove Windows Mobile Device Center from Windows 7?

When I connect any mobile device, I don't want Windows Mobile Device Center to pop up, like ActiveSync 4.5 did.


User flapjack's solution on xda-developers forum:

I was able to fix this. First, I stopped and disabled both WMDC services under Computer Management > Services. Then, I found mobsync.exe in the Windows/System32 folder, went into "Permissions" for it, took ownership, then removed all the accounts except the "Everyone" permissions. For Everyone, I set it to "Deny All".

I now have no WMDC or sync stuff popping up. It's great. I can still browse the phone from My Computer > TYTN II. I can also still use MyMobiler to control the phone from Windows, so this doesn't kill the USB connection at all.

Hope this helps someone.


Another user from the xda.developers forums has created a program that achieves just what you're looking for: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=1843786&postcount=2.

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