I been having the following problem for a long time in Ubuntu 10.10.

What happens: When I right click I see the contextual but when I release this button it automatically clicks on the first option on this menu.

What Should happen: Normal behavior. Show the menu and then with left click (or right again) operate on said menu.

Extra information:

This is a USB mouse, is not a hardware error, it works in other computers, and in this same one perfectly when in Windows. This machine have a nvidia card. Using nvidia-current package. This problem is more prominent in Chromium and Java applications, also in "gnome-terminal".
UPDATE: in Firefox I get the expected behavior.

I tried already

*changing the InputDevice section of my xorg,
*changing setting in the BIOS (Asus motherboard) legacy USB support on and off.
*creating another user (clean .profile ,etc)
*log Gnome as "safe-mode" this means that compiz, and all other software isn't running

known workaround : click and hold the right button and then release on the chosen menu option.

link with people with the same problem:


Thanks so much in advance.


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What you described as known workaround is a design decision. There seems to be no way to change the default behaviour.

This is also the case in newer Ubuntu versions.



I found solution here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=10468385&postcount=19

Just made my mouse left-handed and right-handed back again and it worked :)

  • It works now in all the windows except gnome terminal. (shoul i use kde?)) Apr 16, 2011 at 3:53

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