I am looking for method or a program (Windows XP or 7) that will allow me to select multiple video clips (or a folder) and tell me the total duration of all the video clips combined.

When I export video clips from my video camera, I end up with directories of small "scenes" running from a few seconds to several minutes. But there are hundreds of them per project, sometimes organized in several directories.

I'm looking for a quick way to display much video I have in a directory or project.

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Open up the Library pane of Windows Media Player (at least on v10), and then drag and drop the video files.

You should then see the Estimated Time of all the files reflect the sum of all the video and any other media you have sitting in the library pane.

WMP Library calculation


This is what I do to know the length of set of videos:

Step 1: Select all videos whose total length is to be known >> then right-click , go to properties.

Step 1 screenshot

Step 2: After clicking properties, another small pop-up window opens with General & Details tabs. Click Details tab.

Voila, there is a property field named length, with the corresponding value of your total video length.

Step 2 and result screenshot

P.S - Works with Windows 7 and 10. May work in windows 8.


I remember that WinAmp used to tell you the duration of a playlist (which can include videos), but that was probably a dozen versions ago, so your mileage may vary.


Try selecting all related media, right click on one, and go to properties->details and check length attribute.I tried this on Windows 8 though.


VLC media player can show the total playback time. Drag and drop video files and see the total time on the "Playlist" pane

enter image description here


You can also use Lister (Wayback Machine link). This simple app lists many pieces of information about video/audio clips, including the duration. You can easily add the durations in a spreadsheet app.

1 Wayback Machine link

Currently (as of version 0.8), the following formats are supported:

  • mp3, mp2 (common extensions: .mp3, .mp2)
  • MPEG (common extensions: .mpg, .mpeg, .mpe)
  • AVI (common extension: .avi)
  • Ogg Vorbis (common extension: .ogg)
  • RealAudio, RealVideo (common extensions: .ra, .rm)
  • Microsoft Advanced Streaming Format (common extension: .asf)
  • Microsoft Windows Media Audio (common extension: .wma)
  • Microsoft Windows Media Video (common extension: .wmv)
  • Twin-VQ (common extension: .vqf)
  • Playlist files (common extensions: .pls, .b4s, m3u)

To calculate the total duration of multiple videos, you can select all videos and calculate the video running time in your calculator, then you can get the total video time duration.

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