I have multiple tabs open in IE 8 (OS is Windows 7 Home Premium). Let us name the tabs as T1, T2, T3, ... , T7

I am currently on T7. What do I do if I want to toggle between Tab T4 and T7?

Alt + Tab - Switches between different apps that are open. Ctrl + Tab - Cycles through the different tabs that are open in the current Window. What I want is something like we have in Visual Studio.

Irrespective of how the documents are opened, a Ctrl + Tab always toggles between the last two files opened.

Is it possible in IE 8.0?

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No, but there are these keyboard shortcuts:

CTRL+TAB = Switch to the right tab

CTRL+SHIFT+TAB = Switch to the left tab

CTRL+n = Switch to a specific tab number

CTRL+9 = Switch to the last tab


You can most probably do it using AutoHotkey or AutoIt (you may like the second one better if you are a programmer).

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