This extension allows you to automatically download files with a certain extension to a NAS drive. This could be a torrent, for instance, where download and seeding is automated by the NAS itself, leaving me to go about my own business on my own computer.

Does anyone know a Chrome extensions that mirrors this behaviour?


The nearest equivalent extension I know of is Download All.

However, Chrome API limitations cripple it badly.
The developer says in this support question:

the reason that this extension doesn't provide same functionality as in Firefox is that simply there isn't enough API for downloads. Chrome extensions are less powerful than Firefox ones and there is nothing I can do with it, it's up to Google.

Your files are downloaded to folder where all downloads from Chrome are saved - look at Chrome settings.

Your only other solution is to use an external third-party download manager, but this requires you to right-click on links in order to download.

  • Interesting—and disconcerting. I’ll just have to find away around it that doesn’t include Chrome. I think I already have a solution. Thanks for the elaborate and exhaustive answer.
    – Kiwi
    Nov 6 '10 at 19:28
  • 1
    Given that Firefox will be killing off its XUL extensions in favour of the Chrome APIs in Firefox 57, I've been looking for replacements and I thought I'd point out that you don't strictly need to right-click to use a download manager... you just need an extension that gets hacky with "what should I download?" detection and binds onclick in each page so that you can override the default left-click behaviour. Failing that, set up something which monitors your default download folder and then moves files to where they should actually go. (I'd suggest a tool, but I write my own for that.)
    – ssokolow
    Feb 26 '17 at 14:02

probably not the solution you seek, but could be a workaround to what you need.

Could you use a software like Hazel (for Mac) that automate files organization

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