Can I hide all images displayed on a page in Firefox?
I want to view the page in plain text only (with no images).

Is there any Firefox add-on for this?

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You don't need an extension in order to do this. Simply go into your options, and under the content tab, unselect Load Images Automatically. Note that most of the formatting will be preserved.


You can use a bookmarklet, which work on almost, if not all, web browsers.

Here is a link with a good list of them, Zap images is probably the one you are looking for: https://www.squarefree.com/bookmarklets/zap.html


You can use Image-Show-Hide add-on.

Simply turn on | off images on all web-pages and (optional) auto-reload current


You can install Accessibility Evaluation Toolbar and disable images and almost whatever objects you want.


You can use Quickimage to hide pictures in one click, before webpage loading:

Allow, block or prevent third-party images from loading via button in the Status Toolbar or alternatively add a button to the Navigation Toolbar. Hide pictures in one clic, before webpage loading.


Search in protocol about, typing about:config in ff address bar. Then search for property permissions.default.image and set its value to 2. Next time You load webpage it will be purged from images.

it is possible also to prevent from auto playing media, by following setup:

media.autoplay.allow-extension-background-pages false
media.autoplay.block-event.enabled  true
media.autoplay.block-webaudio   true
media.autoplay.default  5   or 2
media.autoplay.ask-permission true
media.autoplay.enabled.user-gestures-needed true # this enable setup in preferences
media.autoplay.allow-muted false</br>
media.videocontrols.picture-in-picture.enabled  false

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