How do I go to a certain row in Excel 2007?

Amazingly, I can't find the answer to this simple question on Google. Ctrl+G doesn't do it. When I enter a row number under "Reference", it tells me the reference is not valid.


If you want to go to (meaning select) a specific row, you can type, for example 10:10 in the Goto box ( F5) to select row 10. You need the colon for it to work. Also, you can go to multiple rows like 10:12.

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  • This is actually a more helpful answer than the one I originally picked. Thanks. – Jason Swett Nov 10 '10 at 19:15
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    this also works in OpenOffice/LibreOffice – 576i Oct 9 '13 at 12:37

F5 then your cell number. CTRL + g does the same thing even though you are saying it doesn't work. You have to enter an entire cell number when you use these methods, not just the row number.

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To go to the first cell in a row just press Ctrl+G and A(row number here) so for the 5th row Ctrl+g A5 in the reference and ok.

On a further note, the reference will bring you to a specific cell. So you can do G18 if you want.

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Excel 2007, click in reference bar, Reference changes to a selection of the current cell reference, type your cell number and then hit enter. E.G. go to row 235, type A235, hit enter.

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