How can you spellcheck your LaTeX document for English/German/Finnish?

I would like to check my spelling for one of my white papers. Its comments are written in German, TODO -comments in Finnish and codes in English.

I know how you can spellcheck English but not the other two languages.

I am using at the moment the method of moving my documents to OpenOffice and then spell checking there. However, this is very ineffective.

I would like to

  1. find parts of code in different languages
  2. put these parts to separate files such that I can spellcheck them
  3. and then combine the spellchecked files back to one

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I think you can setup multiple spelling files in VIM to work together.

set spelllang=en,de
  • Read up the VIM pages for configurations (and, if required, creation of new spelling files)
  • You may need to fetch some of the .spl spelling files if they are not available in your spell/ directory
  • Check specifically, spl files, sug files, spellang, spellsuggest

You can also check Vimchant : Fast on-the-fly spell-checker based on Enchant

Using latexmk, vim spell checking and vim latex-suite
(it also refers to Sourceforge Kile, an Integrated LaTeX Environment)


You use aspell. Granted there's a built in checked in vim 7, but I don't know if it supports TeX. I do know that aspell does.


Here is what I am using in my Makefile to invoke hunspell (notice the -t parameter for LaTeX compatibility):

spell-check: $(FILE).tex
    hunspell -d en_GB -t $<

You have to check the available dictionaries on your system (on my Ubuntu I used 'locate .dic'). And I suppose you can create a macro in vim to call this specific command.


Hunspell has its own dictionaries (see the list of hunspell dictionaries), and you can use myspell dictionaries as well, as hunspell is based on myspell


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