I have a Windows 7 BSOD crash dump of almost 900 mb, and I would like to produce a mini dump from it. Is there a tool for that?

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    Try to put it in a .7z file (7-zip), you might be able to compress it by a large amount. The memory might contain a lot of zeroes or some kind of repetition which allows it to be compressed a lot. As far as I know I haven't seen such a tool yet... – Tamara Wijsman Nov 23 '10 at 0:32

A dump can be converted with WinDbg:

  1. Open the full dump
  2. .dump c:\debug\dumps\small.dmp

You can automate this task by using cdb instead of windbg and pass commands via the -c "<command>" command line switch, e.g.:

cdb -c ".dump c:\debug\dumps\small.dmp ; q" -z c:\debug\dumps\big.dmp

The q ensures that cdb quits after re-dumping.


"The resulting MEMORY.DMP file can be quite large. However most of the contents are zeroed memory, so it should compress (With WinRAR for example.) to a much smaller size.
A one gigabyte memory dump will usually compress down to 100-300 megabytes, which will allow for much easier transfer across the network." from here

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