Outlook can notify the user every time a new email is received in the Inbox folder. (On Mac it also shows the # of unread messages in the Inbox).

I have some server rules setup which makes certain emails go straight to a custom folder. I was wondering if there is an easy way to make Outlook do this before new messages in All folders or better yet, some customizable set of folders.

I am using Outlook 2011 on Mac.


I was also looking for a way to get a notification for a customizable set of folders in Outlook 2011 on Mac. Unfortunately there does not seem to be a free easy way to do it. I was able to purchase Growl ($1.99 on Mac App Store) and use this "outlook_growl_new_mail.zip" AppleScript along with a custom Outlook Rule to select the folders I wanted to watch:


You do not need to edit the AppleScript at all, just add an Outlook Rule and under "Do the following" select "Run AppleScript..." and choose the file.

  • My Outlook 2011 on mac has no "Run AppleScript..." option in the rule actions. How do I enable this? – hughes Jul 27 '15 at 21:11

Someone seems to have solved this issue elsewhere: See http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/mac/forum/macoffice2011-macoutlook/notifications-in-outlook-for-mac-2011/b573a53f-0cd1-4da9-80ec-c72308e36070?auth=1

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