Recently I migrated from Ubuntu to Debian, first thing i wanted to do was to give myself sudo permissions and lock the roir account. By default sudo group don't have permissions to do this on debian, so i wanted to edit sudoers file by typing visudo. But i keep getting this error: Error opening terminal: vanilla How can i solve this, Thanks in advance...

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export TERM=vt102

before running visudo. This might help:

  • No prob - note that there is probably something wrong in the setup if visudo is searching for vanilla terminal instead of something else, you should probably take a look at that. It might also depend on the way you are accessing it. E.g. if you access it from a Cygwin ssh, you will have TERM=cygwin instead, which is normal, but generally you should have TERM=xterm if within GUI or something more standard. – icyrock.com Nov 13 '10 at 18:46

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