I created a group chat with Google Talk gadget, but I can't do it in the desktop client. Maybe pidgin can do it


The "group chats" are a nonstandard feature, incompatible with XMPP multi-user chats, and can only be created using the Talk gadget in Gmail.


You can make your own chat room address by generating a uuid.

  • That tip works for Empathy. But what about the official client? – Jader Dias Feb 10 '11 at 13:16

http://hamisageek.blogspot.com/2009/04/google-talk-group-chat-on-pidgin.html here's a link on how you can do it:

When someone invites you to join a group chat, you get a message with some text that looks like private-chat-xxxxxxx@groupchat.google.com and a link that launches your browser that leads you to a page that launches gtalk gadget. Note that "xxxxx" represents some random string that is most likely used to identify the group chat room.

So here's how to join a Gtalk group chat from Pidgin using the above information :

  1. Click Buddies from the menu
  2. Then click Join Chat
  3. In the account drop down, make sure you use a Gtalk account.
  4. For the Room textfield, paste private-chat-xxxxxxx
  5. For the Server te

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