I have three PDFs and up to 10 JPGs that I need to merge into one PDF. I found PDFSam, but it looks like it doesn't accept JPGs. I'd also like to create a single batch file to do this for me (if that's possible). Since I have CutePDF installed, I can print to PDF, so I thought I might be able to first print all the JPGs to a PDF and then use PDFSam to merge it with the other PDFs. I'm stuck on printing the JPGs through a cmd though. I found this command in the registry

> "%SystemRoot%\System32\rundll32.exe" "%SystemRoot%\System32\shimgvw.dll",ImageView_PrintTo /pt "%1" "%2" "%3" "%4"

Under this key


I'm not sure what the parameters mean though. Should I even be using that command? If so, how can I pass the PDF printer and all of my JPGs to it? Are there any other/better solutions I might be able to use?

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You can use mogrify to convert pdf to jpg and then combine these with the rest of jpgs:

Take a look at this post:

  • If not absolutely necessary you may want to avoid the step that involves re-compressing the PDF content.
    – Joey
    Nov 17, 2010 at 16:08
  • Nice, glad it solves your problem! Nov 17, 2010 at 21:00

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