I am attempting to finally shuck off my last interactions with Windows. Everything is rolling along nicely (I only need the dual boot once a week), but one sticking point I've had is that I must be able to use references stored in a Reference Manager database, which is used by other Windows users. I know that Bibus can import RIS documents, but has anyone developed a way to sync a Linux reference management database with the .rmd files. I will probably do this if the answer is no, but I'd rather use someone else's stuff, if it exists.

I believe the question boils down to: Is there any software for Linux that opens Reference Manager Databases?

BTW I'm using (Debian Squeeze) and Windows >= XP.

Thanks for any feedback.

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JabRef also should be able to import RIS files, maybe that addresses your issue?

  • Nah, I am somewhat indifferent to which management sys I run on Linux, but Bibus seems especially well suited given its similarity to Reference Manager. I have tried JabRef and it is definitely good software, so thanks for the mention.
    – jnewman
    Dec 15, 2010 at 4:25

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