I used to achieve the result explained in title easily and happily with Logitech Setpoint but nowadays it just work with logitech mice and I have not one. Is there any free software to obtain the same result?

Thanks to all!

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    You should specify OS version and the type of mouse you have
    – xdumaine
    Nov 18, 2010 at 20:55
  • I'm am sorry I wasn't accurate! I want to be able to do it with almost any kind of cheap mouse and windows xp.
    – Pitto
    Nov 18, 2010 at 21:21

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http://www.highrez.co.uk/downloads/XMouseButtonControl.htm This tool Should allow you to map any mouse button to any set of keystrokes. I have used it lightly and it works for me!

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    I am gonna test it tomorrow! Your google skills win: I didn't find anything :D
    – Pitto
    Nov 18, 2010 at 21:54

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