Is there a way I can save/backup my opened tabs in Firefox. For instance when my PC crashes, I would like the newly installed Firefox to open the tabs on the old Firefox.

So am asking if I can backup the tabs on my Firefox (like the way bookmarks can be backup) so that after installing a new one I can let it open the saved tabs.

Is it possible in Firefox?


The xmarks extension can synchronize your open tabs with a remote server. Just install it on all of your Firefoxes and synchronize your tabs on exit.


Here is a HowToGeek tip that would help you,
Quick Tip: Save Windows and Tabs When Restarting Firefox
The Startup controls are in the first 'General' tab these days and the default setting is "Show my home page".

alt text

There is also a firefox addon Bookmark Current Tab Set -- I'd keep a regular backup of the entire profile with this to completely recover firefox in case of a crash.

When running firefox on Ubuntu, I usually keep the profile backed-up all the time and run it off a ramdisk.

In general, backing up profile and frequent firefox restarts are useful to improve the firefox experience -- when you restart firefox all its previous process context is reset (your memory utilization figures get reset :-).

  • That would not help if his PC crashes, as it does not itself synchronize the bookmark set with a remote location. – whitequark Nov 23 '10 at 4:28
  • @whitequark, the idea would be to maintain a regular backup and restore from it in the event of a crash -- also check the askUbuntu reference I just added. – nik Nov 23 '10 at 4:30

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