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Can you tell DDR and DDR2 apart visually?

I would like to know how to identify different types of RAM like:

  • SDRAM,
  • Dynamic RAM,
  • DDR,
  • DDR2,
  • DDR3,
  • DDR4

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Usually the notches will tell you. Compare a few in person and it's not hard to tell, although the notch positions for DDR2, 3, etc can be a little harder to recognise from each other.

For DDR:

enter image description here

DDRAM will have two notches.


Try the Ultimate Memory Guide over at the Kingston memory website



You can tell the type of RAM by reading the fine print on either of the sticks, or by running memtest86, which will also tell you if anything is wrong.

If you just wish to know what is on your computer, these sites will help:

If you wish to know more, these sites provide easy-to-read tutorials and info:

This link and related sites provide easy-to-follow how to's:


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