I have a Dell Studio XPS 1645 laptop, it has 1 microphone and 2 headphone jacks.

Problem is, one of the headphone jacks has became faulty and Windows thinks it's constantly in use, thus I can only have sound coming from the headphones and can't force it to come from the speakers.

Is there a way to disable the faulty jack only or force audio to come from speakers in Vista ?

Driver is: IDT High Definition CODEC.


Have you tried blowing it out with compressed air? I have noticed that on hw some platforms I get gunk in the jack that causes a short placing it always in use.


Can you go to the Playback tab on the Sound control panel item, select the Headphones, click Properties and choose Don't use this device (disable)?

  • tried it, dosn't work, I think sound is still redirected to headphone jacks even tough "Independent (R.T.C) Headphones" device is disabled. – Gkris Nov 27 '10 at 19:28

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