I installed parental controls on Windows 7 under Administrator,instead of user, now everything is blocked and I'm unable to go 3 seconds without confirming a password again. I go to Control Panel, then User Accounts and Family Safety, then Parental Controls. I click and see Computer Administrator (Password Protected) and two other users, but cannot find anywhere at Admin to enter a password to undo this. I have the password, just can't find a spot to enter. PLEASE, this is agony.


How to Setup (and disable) and Use Parental Controls in Vista. I know it says Vista, but it should nearly the same steps. You might, also, be able to turn it off from the Services Management Console.

Stopping the Parental Controls service:
- Click Start
- Type in Services
- Select the option label just Services
- Scroll down the list to Parental Controls
- [Right Click] Parental Controls
- Select Stop

Might be prompt by UAC. Enter your password when prompted

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