I am developing an iPhone game and I'm trying to create a Game Center account on the iPhone simulator. However, I get a message "game center account services are currently unavailable. Please try again later."

Furthermore, I have never been able to sign in to the game center app on the simulator.

I get the same errors on an actual iPhone as well, but I recognize this part is off topic on this site. I include the information just so you have all the information.

Interestingly, if I reset my device with iTunes, I can then log in to the Game Center app with my regular apple id. But whenever if I log out, then try to create a sandbox account for an app I am developing, it always fails as described above.

Any suggestions?

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    I see some people are voting to close this. I will say that it sure as hell leaves me stuck in my attempt to create my game center iOS app. I imagine other programmers have encountered the same problem. Additionally, per the faq, questions about software tools commonly used by developers are relevant, and the sandbox is such a tool. Nov 26, 2010 at 17:24
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The problem was caused by my router. If I turned off my firewall, everything worked. Hardly a viable long-term solution. Apple has instructions for fixing this with port forwarding. It turned out my router was too old to get those to work -- so I had to buy a newer router, then implement the port forwarding. That solved the problem.


I've gotten this problem when the date on my iPhone 3GS is incorrect. The date seems to revert to January 1st, 1970 if I let the power drain completely. I can't connect to Game Center when the date is too far in the past.

The problem is, I always forget about this clock change problem (which also affects facebook login), and spend a while searching the Internet for answers before I remember the clock bug!

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