I am currently working abroad and use my company's VPN for FTP and some browsing. This is a relatively slow connection and while it is suitable for those VPN necessities; much of my other internet usage can be done without the VPN at a much higher speed.

Is there a way to tell Safari and my FTP software to use the VPN and for all other connections to go directly to the internet.

I am currently using OSX's Network Prefs for running my VPN connection.



I would consider the use of VirtualBox/VMWare Player to run a small machine for your VPN connection requirements so you can leave your main internet connection of your computer free of customizations.

In this way, both connections are completely separated and you don't have to configure or customize your routing tables or worry about complex network configurations.


In the Advanced section of the VPN settings there is a setting that accomplishes what you want, with some possible caveats. It does what's described in another answer here, in that it sends internet traffic via your normal default gateway, and just adds a route to the VPN subnet to your routing table.

There may be some very specialized software to try to route based on application, but most routing is done by IP address, in other words, not 'Safari and FTP' but where you point Safari and your FTP client.

Here is the screen I'm talking about: VPN Options

I'm guessing if you go to system preferences, Network, choose your VPN connection, and press the Advanced button, you'll see that all your traffic is being sent over the VPN.

  • The OP will need to find out what his vpn gateway is, and what his company network (subnet) is. Then he will need to reset his default gateway to his local router, then set a static gateway for his VPN connection through his vpn adapter for his company network. – David Nov 3 '13 at 1:17
  • That is the purpose of that checkbox, that's what it's for. – atroon Nov 8 '13 at 21:00

This isn't exactly what you are looking for, but you can bypass the VPN's gateway so that anything outside the subnet will not use the VPN: How can I make the Windows VPN route selective traffic (by destination network)?.

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