I have a AMD Phenom x3 chip in a ASUS M4A89GTD PRO motherboard. The Mobo's bios lets me select 3 cores or 4 cores among 8 stored profiles. I recently set the profile (I call 200NoHybridSSD) to operate 4 cores with a 'Users' directory set to operate in a RAID1 set of drives. Basically, the Mobo sets the drives to RAID1 when I use the correct bios configuration.

I tried booting an alternate bios profile that has these drives in IDE. Needless to say, the Windows-7 failed to recognize the 'Users' folders and the 'Users' profiles that were established to the RAID (F:\users). Basically, I had 2 Admin accounts (one called 'admin' and another called 'madmin') and 2 non-Admin user accounts, where the former were based in the boot drive, and the latter in RAIDed F:\Users.

So, after discovering that the machine couldn't locate the F:\Users based accounts on boot, I reverted to the 200NoHybridSSD bios profile that does start the f:\Users drives in RAID. However, now, instead of being presented with four icons/user-accounts to login with, I'm presented a single admin account, and an 'other' account. Once I login, I can see each of the four user's directories (two non-admins in f:\users). So all the data is intact. What I'm guessing, is that the registry was changed when I booted into the non-RAIDed configuration. I can still login to the both admin accounts (provided I type the account name -- icon is not always there). My question: Can I recover or restore the non-admin accounts so they can be logged-in at the initial login screen? Note, I have turned off the 'System Restore' function.

I haven't tried to yet, but I may build additional new user accounts to f:\Users (and be extra careful switching profiles in the future). Will my previous 'disappearance' of f:\Users impact future creations of user accounts?


Your registry was changed. I saw a similar thing happen with changing domains on a Windows 7 machine.

I would recommend recreating the users in Control Panel (make a full backup first), and as long as the user folder is still there, it should remember everything.


An addendum: I've always found it wise to rename the old user folder first before creating the new account, then logging in, just to ensure the folder name is correct. Then I'll move the previous files back into the new folder (including hidden and system) from an Admin account, and you should be ok.

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