To duplicate a file I'm currently right clicking copy and then pasting on the 'parent' folder. Thats not exactly perfect especially if the 'parent' directory is several screen scrolls up.

Is there a keyboard or whatever short cut to make a duplicate of the selected file?


If you're making copies of the same file multiple times you should set that file as a template.

Right click on it and click set as template.

Now, besides that, there isn't any integrated funcionality to speed up copying of files unless you open a separate file browser and use that for quick copy-and-paste and then just refresh your project in NetBeans using F5.

  • Cheers for the reply. Files are different so it looks like I'll have to look outside netbeans. – zaf Dec 2 '10 at 19:58

As I know this feature does not exist in netbeans unless you create a template. You can use Dreamweaver and simply press Ctrl+D to duplicate any file you want.


For Java files you can use Copy... (Refactor) and assign it e.g. Ctrl+Shift+D.

This doesn't work on other files as far as I can see but allows simplification of my Java editing workflow.

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