Is there any way to get the ALT-TAB and Win+TAB application switcher to display on multiple monitors in Windows 7?


Actual Window Manager

The Multi-monitor Task Switcher simultaneously displays the Task Switcher service window on both monitors. This avoids a user having to switch attention from the second monitor when hitting Alt+Tab.

Don't believe there is any hack or utility that can show 3D Flip across all monitors though.

FYI: ALT+TAB = Task Switcher. Windows Key + Tab = Flip 3D


There's also VistaSwitcher (free). It works in Windows 7, despite its name. It replaces the application switcher with it's own, so I guess it depends on if you like that or not. I just installed it and initially it seems good.

With VistaSwitcher, the choice is always yours. VistaSwitcher shows the task switch dialog on the active monitor – the one you’re working with now. The software uses a smart algorithm to determine which of your monitors is currently active – either by the mouse cursor position, or by the active window caption.

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    It's great! And the "Show tasks only from the active monitor" option makes open apps list short! Exclusions make it event shorter. I can add open messengers windows, virtualbox windows and all that not so important stuff.
    – Marecky
    Mar 18 '17 at 12:44

I know this might be a little late, but I also had the same problem and found this application, which is freeware, and I think it works great:

Dual Monitor Taskbar (at sourceforge)


In addition to creating a taskbar on the second monitor, it also shows the app switcher on the second monitor.

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