I have tried to use Org Mode via Emacs to organise information, but somehow I miss information that was easy to see with mind mapping software.

Is there anything that can visually display information, in much the same way as Freemind?


Not directly answer your question. But org-brain is worth a try.

It is concept map tools for Emacs inspired form The Brain


Export your org files to freemind when you want to review.

  • Can you provide some steps on how to achieve this? The link is of no help for a novice. – rambalachandran May 2 '16 at 18:37

You can use org2opml to convert to OPML, which can be opened with MindNode, Mindmeister, and many other mindmapping apps. You can also copy-paste plain-text lists directly into MindNode and it will parse the indentation correctly.

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