I'm looking for mp3 player (software), running on Linux, but I need one specific option: it needs to be able to remember my position of listening in a given playlist.

Scenario: I'm creating a playlist. Adding to it X files. Play them. After some time, I switch to another playlist - in the middle of some song from playlist 1. After some more time, I go back to playlist 1, and it resumes playing from exactly the same spot it was before. Perfect for audiobooks.

If this software would also not do stuff like "manage your collection" - it would be absolutely great. I personally hate all those "collection managing" players, because scanning collection takes long time, and I have it already well organized using directories and file names, and don't care about what's being scanned out of mp3 tags.

Is there anything like this?

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    There are currently 2 votes to close as "too localized". While I see that it's localized, I think it's actually perfectly good question for very simple reason - the main feature I ask about (playlist with ability to resume) is for audiobooks. So it's not very esoteric use-case. – user7385 Dec 12 '10 at 15:44

Amarok should be able do what you ask. You can also manually add bookmarks to mark where you want it to resume from. Just don't use the collections manager.

  • I somehow never realized that Amarok had a way to play files without using collection! Thanks a lot, it solved my problem. – user7385 Dec 14 '10 at 11:19

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