In Emacs how can I go back to the last buffer I was editing in ELisp?

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    Can you give a little context about what you're trying to do? There are a bunch of different ways to do what you want but they depend on the bigger picture... – Joe Casadonte Dec 20 '10 at 18:51

If you changed the buffer in ELisp code, the proper way to go back to the previous buffer is to use save-excursion or save-current-buffer:

;; do stuff in buffer1
  (set-buffer "buffer2")
  ;; do stuff in buffer2
;; more stuff in buffer1

In Emacs you would type Ctrl-x b to do that, so to find the Elisp function, type Ctrl-h k followed by Ctrl-x b and you'll get:

[...] (switch-to-buffer BUFFER-OR-NAME &optional NORECORD)

Make BUFFER-OR-NAME current and display it in selected window. BUFFER-OR-NAME may be a buffer, a string (a buffer name), or nil. Return the buffer switched to. [...]

which should do what you want ;)

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