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I have found some laptop battery myths in here: http://batterycare.net/en/guide.html But I have a few more questions so that I can ensure that my battery will last longer.

  1. Do I really need to drain the battery for up to 10% and below if the laptop is new? Or can I charge it immediately on first use
  2. What if I charge the battery to about 25% then there's a sudden blackout and I'm not able to continue the charge would it decrease the lifespan of the battery?
  3. Does turning off the laptop while charging decreases its lifespan?
  4. Do I always need to full charge the laptop?
  5. Is there any application for windows that would deactivate windows aero and other battery draining features of the windows 7 OS when the laptop is not plugged in. And activates it when plugged in?
  6. Is battery care effective? http://batterycare.net/en/download.html
  7. Is it ok to interrupt laptop charging? For example, I'm at 20% charge, but then I need to move places, then continue charging again.

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