I've noticed VIM on my Mac doesn't have the line/column numbers in the bottom-right corner of the window whereas VIM on Ubuntu does. Is there a profile setting I can use to get my Mac to show these numbers?

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Try the command ":set ruler".

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    I also added: set rulerformat=Line:%l,Col:%v to my vimrc file
    – WendyG
    Aug 10, 2020 at 10:30

As Heptite described, the command :set ruler results in the line/column information I was looking for. If you want to make this behavior permanent, edit your ~/.vimrc file to include the following line:

set ruler
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    at first I didn't have a ~/.vimrc, I only had a ~/.viminfo and I tried to edit that but it silently failed saving my changes. So I had to create a new file at ~/.vimrc and it's working great!
    – Patrick
    Apr 27, 2012 at 18:14

You want to configure your statusline in .vimrc, with %l and %c denoting lines and columns, respectively.

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