I would like to convert a series of webcam images into an animation/film/movie/video. Because there is a lot of motion between images, I want a fading/blending transition between images. Many Windows applications for image/photo viewing/managing have a slide show / presentation mode with transition filters and some of them allow to export as a video. For instance, XnView almost does what I want, but it does not allow fine-tuning the transition, i.e. it only has one parameter for transition speed, but it does not allow to adjust the time the image is displayed. Since I want to achieve smooth animation this needs to be adjustable as well.

Now I am looking for a tool that can do what I want. I thought about using ImageMagick's blend option to generate the intermediate frames and combining them into a video using ffmpeg, but I'm not sure how to manipulate the duration of the actual image other than by creating a number of copies. But there may be a better way to do it.


If you're using Linux, PiTiVi will do what you want.


Windows movie maker works fine If you're planning to do just those effecs. You could use softwares like Premiere Pro or Sony Vegas for more advanced editing.

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