The server is on the port 0 with the command:

/dcc server

I have no idea of its use, so I would like to close it. How can I close the DCC server?


If you look at the help "/help dcc", you will see that the close-command applies only to "SEND, GET and CHAT". There is no mention about closing the server.


/dcc close server <port>


Irssi has a built in help system:

/help dcc server


 /DCC SERVER [<+|-scf> <port>]
 - Starts a DCC SERVER on the specified port. The remote can connect
   to this server and initiate chat, send and fserve requests. You can
   specify + or - using any combination of the flags 's' (Send),
   'c' (Chat), or 'f' (Fserver)

If you don't enter the /dcc server command, the server will not be started.
More information on DCC

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