I have an Ubuntu Maverick desktop that I can easily connect using ssh but when I want to see the shared directories using "go to server", MacOs connects to the Ubuntu machine and I can see the shared directories but when I enter my username@ubuntu_machine and password to get access it complains about me entering wrong username and/or password. Any ideas? What more information would you need to give me some advise? Is there a step by step how-to manual to get this done? thanks

edited the question based on John T's answer.


You should check to see if the passwords match as ssh uses the system password but Samba has it's own authentication system.

You can set your samba password with the smbpasswd command to double check. In the past I've had to do smbpasswd -a myusername for it to work.


The smb dialog is probably prepending the name of your Mac machine to the login. Try changing it to the name of the smb server using this format:




  • nope, I tried it but that's not it. Thanks for the answer though. – biomed Dec 25 '10 at 4:58

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