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Word Viewer for Mac

I want to view .docx file and .doc file in my mac os x10.6.5.When i open this type of file it shows only text in text editor.The docx file has some more images i didnt able to see.

Is there any default application in my mac to view these two files.Are i want to download some application to view those files ?If yes means what are the application really need for these files ?

Can anyone help me ? Thanks in advance...

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There is no default application on the Mac, other than Text Editor (which it sounds like you are using), but not to worry; visit Google Docs (https://docs.google.com/), upload the file, and you will be able to view it. Alternatively, the free Libre Office or Neo Office can view these files. However, with Google Docs, these files will exist in the cloud, meaning they are automatically backed-up and viewable from any device you own, and so I would recommend using that over downloading Libre Office or Neo Office.


Open Office for Mac.


Or you could buy Pages (part of iWork, but wait until 6 January and you can probably buy it by itself in the OS X App Store) or even Office 2011.