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GhostScript noob help - Breaking a multipage PDF file into many single page PS or EPS files.


I'm having trouble doing the following:

I have a big PDF file that I converted to postscript (for commercial printing). The resulting file is too big to be processed by the printer (machine).

I've been trying to find a way to either:

Convert from the original (many pages) PDF file to many Postscript file (one postcript file per PDF page in original PDF file(.

Convert from PDF to PS (or even EPS). - I managed to do this Then split the PS file into a collection of smaller files.

I've tried using Ghostscript, but it is all gibberish to me.


PS. If you have a good GS tutorial (for dummies?), please share the link.


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If you have eps files try epssplit.


I know this product will allow you to take a PDF and split it, so with the knowledge you already have this may be the easiest way.


Good luck

  • That is a program for PDF files. Thanks for the help.
    – Pablo
    Dec 26, 2010 at 21:21