We have two internal hard drives; one SATA and one IDE. Windows 7 (x86) sees both of them. But sometimes when we boot the computer IDE drive fails. After restart everything behave normal. Every 1 boot in 10 this happens.

Anyone experienced something like this? Is there any problem using SATA and IDE drives together?

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    Replace the IDE cable with a new 80 pin cable. – Moab Dec 28 '10 at 12:09

There is no problem using IDE ans SATA drives together. My guess is that you are having some sort of hardware problem. It can be something so easy as a loose cable or it might be that your IDE drive is failing.

I would start with checking the health of my HDD


Check in Disk Manager to see if these hard drive are listed as basic or dynamic if the above hardware (new 80pin cable) doesnt help.

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