I have two 'tabs' in my Excel file and I would like to merge the two tabs into one sheet (in the same file).

The two files look somthing like:

artnr      language       description      price
artnr      language       description      price
artnr      language       description      price

What I would like to do is merge those two files in the following manner:

first row of first sheet
first row of second sheet
second row of first sheet
second row of second sheet

I tried to use the following formula:


This works, however when I try to expand the formula down (to the other rows) I get:


In stead of:


Any help is appreciated!


If you do not require the referencing to the original cells, you could do this another way.

First, in sheet 1 row 1; enter odd numbers on the cell to the right starting with 1 and drag the pattern to the last row

first row | 1
second row | 3
third row | 5

...and the same for sheet 2; except you use even numbers starting with 2.

Finish off by copying sheet 1 rows (including the numbering) below sheet 2 rows and do a sort by numbering column.

  • Now that's a simple and working solution! Thanks! – PeeHaa Dec 28 '10 at 13:47
  • Glad I could help. – Reuben L. Dec 28 '10 at 13:59

Put the following formula in A1 of your third sheet:


and then copy&paste in the rows below.

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