There are numerous ways to get the podcast feed for standard iTunes podcasts like this or this, however, neither of these methods work on the podcast feeds in iTunes U.

I don't want to use iTunes, how can I find the alternative xml podcast feed? Here's one for example: http://deimos3.apple.com/WebObjects/Core.woa/Feed/fora.tv.1901773207.01901773213

How can I subscribe to this feed outside of iTunes? I have tried emailing the publisher (Fora.tv) numerous times but they never respond.

  • What do you use as an alternative pod-catcher? I'm trying to shake iTunes as a pod-catcher but yet to have found a good catcher. – Mcradle Jan 26 '11 at 20:56
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    I haven't found a good iTunes alternative for a PC based podcatcher, but I have an Android phone and primarily use this so the only podcatcher I use is BeyondPod. I use Google reader to manage all my podcasts, and on the rare occasion that I listen at the computer I stream them directly from Google Reader. This is no good for the podcasts that only give you access to the last podcast. Ideally I'd like to find a cloud based podcatcher. – matt Jan 26 '11 at 21:07
  • I'm also in a quest to find a cloud podcatcher. I'm considering to write my own. – Mcradle Feb 10 '11 at 10:30
  • @mcradle: If you do, let me know, or post a link here: webapps.stackexchange.com/questions/6860/cloud-based-podcatcher – matt Feb 10 '11 at 13:31

Here is a service that is doing exactly what you want:

Hope it works for you.

  • Does not work for iTunes-U, which was the question! Fails with: iTunes-U links not supported. Currently Apple does not offer a way to subscribe to iTunes-U material outside of iTunes (that i can find). A temporary solution is to search for a similar title as a podcast in hopes that the content providers also posted it to the iTunes Podcast Directory (do no expect this for password protected content). – Nils von Barth Sep 7 '16 at 5:11
  • Dead link......... – grisaitis Aug 24 at 16:30

You can get rss feeds using this php tool site


this site is A web browser based solution

EX: https://itunes.apple.com/podcast/state-trance-official-podcast/id260190086?

load this link with the ID https://itunes.apple.com/lookup?id=260190086&entity=podcast

Get the "feedUrl" from this json file

solution site makes this process easy. I am using the podcast well with the rss address I get.

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    Welcome to Super User! While this is a site, nevertheless I suggest you read how do I recommend software in my answers and read the parts of the answer in bold- without a more explanation this might be (mis)attributed as promotional. – bertieb Apr 11 '18 at 22:58

If your other reader supports enclosures then simply add the URL to the reader. The server lies about the content type, but the reader should be able to ignore that.

  • The only problem with that is that the iTunes server will only accept file request from the iTunes user agent, so I can see the podcasts, but get errors when I download. – matt Dec 30 '10 at 3:27
  • So then tell your reader or player to fake their user agent. – Ignacio Vazquez-Abrams Dec 30 '10 at 3:30
  • I wouldn't even know where to begin to know how to do that. – matt Dec 30 '10 at 4:21

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