I'm using emacs with TRAMP ( C-x C-f /ftp:user@site.com:/ ), and randomly, sometimes ten minutes, sometimes, ~12 seconds (no exaggerating) my connection will close (I think). I'll try to type, or list a dir, and it will say "Opening FTP connection to site.com...". Is there a way to tell it to just keep the connection open until I exit? Or is it the webserver killing the connection? I'm just using standard FTP.



To test, try using FTP by hand. FTP to your site on the command line, do a few things, then wait about 30 seconds or so, and see if it disconnects you. I remember one webhosting firm timed me out very fast.

As to tramp, the only thing I can see is the user option tramp-completion-reread-directory-timeout. Maybe it wonders if someone else changed the directory and rereads it to be sure.

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