I sometimes start Midnight Commander as superuser with the command sudo mc to do some operations on the current working directory as superuser.

But this results in ~/.mc having the wrong permissions, which I need to fix manually.

Any solution?


I accepted an answer. I want to further add, that .mc is a directory, so my solution goes like this:

$ cd ~  
~$ sudo chown -R mit.mit .mc
~$ chmod 775 .mc 
~$ cd .mc 
~$ chmod -R 664 .mc 
~/.mc$ chmod 775 cedit

It seems not to be a good idea after installing mc to use sudo on its first start.

  • You should post your solution as an answer and accept it instead of the incomplete one. – Melebius Nov 10 '16 at 7:27

You could change the permissions on your ~/.mc file like this:

chmod 664 ~/.mc

Make sure you do this as a regular user. This will set the permissions for the file to read and write for the owner (which should be your user) and root. And read only for anyone else.

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