What is the difference between these two?

I'm trying to choose between these two for a traveling netbook (not my main system), should I really care about the Home Premium? (The price for Home Premium is more than 10% cost of the netbook)


via Wikipedia: - comparison of the windows 7 editions..

  • Home Basic("HB") is limited to 8GB of physical RAM on 64-bit systems ( 16GB on Home Premium ("HP"))
  • HB does not have in-built DVD decoders
  • HB does not have Media Center
  • HB is available in Emerging Markets only
  • HB can only join HomeGroups, HP can create & join HomeGroups

Edit: I don't think Aero makes much sense on a netbook anyway.

  • Do you know What does it mean by "partial aero support"? Jan 3 '11 at 4:24
  • I think transparency is missing and the desktop effects like peak and so. Jan 3 '11 at 4:30
  • Downvote..? Seriously? Jan 3 '11 at 4:31
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Just get Home Basic, you don't need Aero or >8 GB RAM, and you can download alternatives to all of the software it doesn't include.

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