Frankly, I don't see a compelling reason why Winamp needs to be using my network, as all I do is listen to songs from my local media. However, it appears to exact revenge when I try to ensure it can't on my firewall by completely eradicating my media library list (which includes all my song ratings and such). I was not able to recover this data, as I hadn't exported the database prior, and the actual database file was completely wiped. My other playlists and the actual media itself appear not to be effected, though.

Is this supposed to happen, by chance?

Edit: I wasn't able to get it to replicate this behavior with a different firewall+Winamp version. Hmm.

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  • If winamp was storing your info on a server and was told to delete data on the event of losing the connection to that server yes. but no, i see no reason why that should have happened. other than malicious ones, of course. – Jasen Jan 4 '11 at 13:32

Of course i can't guarantee anything, but i guarantee this is not intended behavior.

i guarantee it was a bug.

i got this today, not at all related to firewalls or networks. It's a bug:

alt text

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