Using Snow Leopard, I'm having issues with permissions in my Sites folder. While I can navigate to localhost/~username and read any files or folders there, the same permissions have not been applied to enclosed items, and I get a 403 error trying to access them in the browser.

If I select one of these enclosed folders and get info using Finder, I see the user 'Everyone' is set to 'No Access' but I can't change that (this behavior seems buggy, actually).

And if I select my 'Sites' folder, the tool to 'Apply to enclosed items' is grayed out...

Is there a Terminal command I can use to grant 'Read Only' access to my Sites folder, and all it contains, for the user 'Everyone'?


Since OSX is BSD-ish, try

chmod -R o+r Sites

Your directories will need:

chmod o+x [whatever directories]

Without a Mac at hand, you might be able to do the above by:

find Sites -type d -exec chmod o+x \{} \;

which will find all of the directories under Sites and allow 'others' to enter the directory.

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    combine the first two into chmod -R o+rX Sites. The capital X option will only add execute/search permission for files which already have it set for some user. Jan 5 '11 at 17:09

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