I've got a 5.1 speaker setup. In both this SoundMax utility (I think it came with my motherboard), and in the Windows 7 sound test, all 5.1 speakers work properly, but that's the only time that I can get audio to come out of the rear speakers and the center channel. When playing games, video, music, etc., I only seem to get 2.1 speakers worth of sound, even though I've configured everything for 5.1 surround sound.

How can I get my 5.1 surround sound working during actual use?


i dont know about games, however with media, the sample has to actually be encoded with 4 or 5 channels, nomatter what the media players settings are. try to fimd some 5.1 speaker test files on google to verify they work on your favorite media player. most have a 2x stereo option or something similar which will play the same stereo sound from both the front and back pairs of speakers, even for files that dont support more than 2 channels.

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