Is there any way to make Vimperator's hints (link numbers displayed after hitting the f/F key) slightly larger?

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I'm using Pentadactyl, which is a fork of Vimperator, but I think it's exactly the same on this particular issue.

Anyway, you can use the :highlight command (see :help highlight) to add any CSS to the Hint group, like this:

:highlight Hint font-size:200%;color:white;background-color:red;padding:2px;

(Or put the same in your .vimperatorrc to make it permanent.)

Change font-size:200%; to whatever you want, or add any other CSS you like. (Here's a CSS tutorial at w3schools if you want it.)


In addition:

  • to revert back to defaults: :highlight clear Hint
  • to only change the font size: :highlight Hint -append font-size:16px;
    • Note ; at the end
    • Note -append
    • Note case sensitivity
    • Note that, in contrast to: font-size:200%, this sets the size of the font to be fixed, regardless of what's the size of the text to be highlighted
  • to verify that changes were made: :highlight Hint , optionally select the appropriate completion with Tab, triple mouse click on the Vimperator's command var, Ctrl+C

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